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Bailey Boyd Associates has a wide range of experience in the field of grant management and compliance. As grant administrators for state and federally funded programs, we have over thirty years of experience overseeing programs and ensuring that they continually pass both fiscal and program audits without findings. Dedicated staff stay up to date on changing regulations, fiscal responsibilities and reporting requirements for all the funding sources and programs we work with.

Bailey Boyd Associates also provides compliance consulting services, training, and workshops. We completed a state-wide compliance manual and staff training for the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation's role in the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Neighborhood Stabilization Program. In this arena we focus on providing clear, user-friendly guidance to compliance as well as easy-to-use tools.


Bailey Boyd Associates has distinguished itself as a team that gets projects done on time and on budget without audit findings. Our HUD and Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) grant administration staff include an accountant and procurement specialist. A Licensed Construction Supervisor monitors each stage of construction and payment is approved based upon performance and quality of work.

BBA has managed large municipal construction projects and small affordable housing projects. Our commitment to each project is identical.

PAST projects:

  • Bay Meadows Mixed-Use Housing

  • Brackett Landing 40B Project

  • Dennis Top of the Shop Program

  • Eastham Aquaculture Center

  • MHIC/MHP Manual Creation & Statewide NSP Compliance 

  • Mill Street Church Adaptive Re-Use

  • Norfolk Senior Center

  • Nantucket Housing Rehab Program

  • Oak Bluffs Noyes Library Conversion

  • Raynham Recreation Building

  • Southbridge Adaptive Re-Use Projects

  • Truro Town Hall

  • USDA Dairy Farm Conversion Project

  • Wellfleet Senior Center

  • Yarmouth Affordable Housing Trust Buy Down Program


BBA staff embrace the development and implementation of sustainable communities, buildings, and services. Environmental stewardship and community consensus are an important component of our sustainable philosophy. As project managers, we seek every opportunity to collaborate with community stakeholders.

PAST projects:

  • Adaptive re-use of warehouse space, creating rental housing and retail space

  • Adaptive re-use of abandoned church and rectory, creating worker housing

  • Infill development creating affordable homes on vacant inner-city lots

  • Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture programs

  • Top of the shop housing

  • Water and waste management systems


Bailey Boyd Associates has assisted dozens of municipalities and community groups to plan, fund, and build affordable housing. We have provided consulting services on an annual and project basis, created and updated housing plans, pro forma's, completed environmental reviews, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and secured funding or financing.

BBA has implemented a wide range of housing initiatives, including elder housing, first time home buyer and affordable rental programs, friendly 40B developments and Local Initiative Program (LIP) projects. BBA staff have income-qualified thousands of households and have found creative ways to move projects forward.

Past Projects:

  • Created over 180 new units of worker housing

  • Managed first time home buyer projects

  • Wrote affordable housing by-laws

  • Developed and managed RFP processes

  • Rehabilitated over 350 homes

  • Created compliance manuals for federal housing program

  • Secured "green" funding for housing

  • Trained HUD-funded program staff